Opening and Closing a Station - Beer & Wine

Use the following checklists when you are preparing for service and closing up.

Opening a station

  • Check that the station is on and unlocked. Button LED lights are good indicator:
    • If all the lights are on and steady, the station is on, unlocked, and ready to pour.
    • If all the lights are off but when you push a button, it rapidly flashes, the system is locked or in Self-Serve mode. Use Remote Station Manager (RSM) to change modes.
    • If all lights are off and unresponsive, the station does not have power.
      • Is the station plugged in? If not, plug it in and wait up to 5 minutes for lights to come on.

Note: If the station was powered off from a locked state, it will need to be unlocked using RSM once it turns on.

  • Remove Kleen plugs from each tap and put them in a glass of water to soak during service.
  • Check that all in-line valves are in the open position.
  • Verify that your gas tank has enough volume for service.
  • Check that there are no empty kegs or kinked lines. If there are, change them.
  • If a new carbonated keg was just hooked up, please verify it has chilled for at least 24 hours prior to pouring.

Carbonate Beverages & Temperate: Maintaining the appropriate keg temperature is very important when dispensing carbonated beverages. A keg that is too warm will pour foamy, wasting your product.

Closing a station

  • Pour warm (but not boiling) soapy water down drain to clear. Rinse drain bucket.
  • Empty drip trays and rinse with warm, soapy water. If you have a dishwasher available, removable metal trays can be run through it's wash.
  • Touch the end of each tap with a napkin or paper towel to release the small amount of liquid left inside.
  • Remove Kleen plugs from water, spray with Nixall, and place one in each tap.
  • Spray taps and general area with Nixall and let air dry.
  • If necessary, use Remote Station Manager to change to desired mode as determined by your manager.

Automatic Schedules: You can set up automatic schedules that will change station modes to unlocked, locked, or self-serve at programmed times so you don't have to worry about using Remote Station Manager every time.