Manual Unlock Instructions

Manual unlock allows you to open your Sestra station even when it's not connected to the internet.

Unlock Instructions

  1. Hold button for 2 sets of blinking flashes and release.

  2. Press and release the same button 2 times in succession.

  3. Continue this process for each button that remains unlit (if applicable)

Video of Instructions:

Please note that depending on your configuration a single button or a single device (tied to multiple lines and buttons) will unlock.  

You may or may not be able to lock manually based on which system you have.  If configured, complete the same process outlined above.  To test, we recommend placing a glass under the tap in the event of unexpected pouring.  Experience may vary. 

If these steps do not relock your taps, RSM will be required to relock it.

Liquor Locker Lock & Unlock Instructions

  1. Open both liquor compartments
  2. Press both priming buttons
  3. The button lights should respond if successful