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In-Line Valves

In-Line Valves control the flow in the line they are installed on - whether for gas or liquids.

On a closed in-line valve, the lever will be perpendicular with the line it is on while an open in-line valve's lever will be parallel with the line.

OPENinlinebevvalve CLOSEDinlinebevvalve


Where to find in-line valves

Beverage lines may or may not have in-line valves depending on beverage type and line configuration. Most commonly, you'll see them on beer lines.

Note: If the in-line valves on the product lines are closed, you will not be able to pour.

Gas lines will always have in-line valves installed at both the regulator and the gas manifold.

Note: If the in-line valves on the gas lines are closed, you may be able to pour a few more pours but the pressure will eventually decrease, stopping you from pouring.

manifold open valves manifold closed valves


Using in-line valves

  • During keg changes - We suggest closing the in-line valves on the beverage lines during a keg change to prevent dripping and unnecessary product loss.
  • During gas tank changes - You MUST close the in-line valve near the gas regulator when replacing gas tanks for safety measures and to maintain the pressure in the lines.