How to Use and Read a Gas Gauge

If your system utilizes gas, follow these steps to check the levels and pressure.

Gas Gauge Readings

For systems that utilize gas for beer or carbonated beverages, there are three different readings to look for: (1) gas tank level, (2) tap pressure, (3) beverage pressure.

gas gauges

Gas Tank Level

This gauge is the one with colored sections to indicate the amount of gas in the tank.

  • If the needle is in the green section, the tank is full.
  • If the needle is in the red section, the gas level is low or empty.

Tap Pressure

This gauge is used for Sestra’s Model-C Touchless Taps.

  • These are standard gauges and generally should be steady at 50PSI.

Beverage Pressure

Certain kegs dispense beverages using pressure from gas that pushes the beverage up the lines, to the taps and into your glass.

  • The physical gauge is the same type as the Tap Pressure gauge.
  • The reading will vary based on beverage type and the length of the beverage line.
  • Sestra can clarify what your Beverage Pressure should be.

Spot the Difference: The Tap and Beverage Pressure Gauges are labeled by stickers to avoid confusion.

Changing Pressure Settings: These pressures should never be adjusted without the recommendation from a Sestra Support Representative.