FAQs about Gas

How do I check my gas level and pressure? 
  • Check the gauges on your regulator. 
  • The first gauge with green and red sections is for your gas tank level, with green being full and red being empty or very close to it.
  • All subsequent gauges are for beverage line pressures and pneumatic tap pressures. What these should read can vary based on your station setup. Please contact Sestra Support if you have questions about your gas gauges.
gas gauges
  • Please do not adjust your gas levels (for the beverages or the taps) without the direction of a Sestra Support Representative. 

Do I need to adjust the gas pressure after I attach a new gas tank?

  • No, the pressure setting should remain constant through gas tank changes. You may see the gauge reading move during or immediately after a change but once the new tank is attached, the gauges should return to the previously set PSI. If they do not, please contact Sestra Support.

How do I change a gas tank?

  • Make sure the gas tank is closed by turning the knob on the top of the tank clockwise (most knobs are labeled and show which way to turn to open and close).
  • Use a wrench to loosen the brass fitting enough to allow you to disconnect the gas line leading to the station from the gas tank. Set aside the old, empty tank. On the end of the gas line that you just disconnected, check that the fitted, black plastic, O-ring is properly in place and not damaged.
  • Line up the end of the gas line with the attachment point on the new gas tank and tighten the brass fitting. Use a wrench to ensure a tight seal so that there are no gas leaks.

What are some signs of an empty gas tank when pouring?

  • Some beverages, depending on the type and what keg is used, require gas to dispense.
  • If you notice that your beverage is pouring more slowly or under pouring, this could indicate that the gas tank is empty and there is not enough pressure to dispense.
  • If the Push to Pour control button is lit then goes dark when pressed and becomes lit again without any beverage dispensing from the tap, this could also indicate that there is not enough pressure to dispense.
  • Your gas gauge can tell you whether or not the tank is empty. Check that the needle is in the green section of the gauge.
  • Note that beverages will continue to pour for a short period of time even with an empty gas tank, especially if the keg has not been disconnected. Until the remaining pressure in the attached keg dips too low to dispense, you will still see beverages pour from the tap but the depressurization can cause changes to the pour or the carbonation of the beverage.