What to do with Empty Kegs - Petainer

Follow these steps to properly dispose of a Petainer keg

Recycling Petainer Kegs

Empty Pertainer kegs are recyclable and can be disposed of with your other recyclable items. Kegs must be deflated and crushed to be recycled.

Warning: Never, under any circumstance, attempt to puncture a keg. Only recycle depressurized kegs.

Deflating and Recycling

  1. Push the attached pressure relief tool into the fitting.
  2. When fully depressurized, flatten the petainer keg.
  3. Send the keg for recycling in accordance with local recycling rules and regulations.
  4. The cardboard carton can also be crushed or folded and sent for recycling.

For more information, refer to the resources available on the Petainer website.