Checking the Temperature at your Station

Temperature readings are an easy way to detect a service disruption or possible maintenance action needed at your station.  Specifically, your walk-in coolers or kegerators need to be at the right temperature to keep your products cool for dispensing.

Kegerator Temperatures

The LED setting of the kegerator is located to the left of the door.  The temperature of the kegerator will show in blue.  Adjust as needed to ensure your beverage type meets the appropriate level to store and serve it.  

Walk-in Coolers

The temperature control module is typically located directly outside of the door for immediate visibility.  

Note:  Always remember to keep the door tightly shut after opening them to maintain required temperatures.


Staying Connected & Getting Alerts

Your TapWise solution comes with the ability to view temperatures at each location and station, as well as subscribe to alerts when your temperature is out of its required range.

Checking Temperature

  1. Login to  Navigate to the "Sensors" page. 
  2. Your stations will appear with readings for all equipment at all stations.
  3. Select to drill down by Time Frame (date range), Sensor Type (Coolant or Temperature), or Equipment to see specific information.  


Subscribe to a Temperature Alert
Temp Alert-01-1

  1. Login to  Navigate to Configuration> Manage Alerts.
  2. Select "High Temperature" and click Edit on the right of the screen.
  3. Add your preferences for the delivery method, which locations, and the temperature.  Typically a standard setting is 45-48 degrees.
  4. Enter your information by clicking the Add button.  Click Save when you're done!