Changing a Keg - Dos and Don'ts

Here are some general guidelines for changing a keg. Please refer to instructions specific to your keg type (linked below) as some steps vary.

Important Dos and Don'ts

DO NOT remove the coupler from an empty keg until you have a new keg ready to connect.

DO NOT place the coupler on the floor, countertop, or other surface - this can introduce bacteria and air into the line.

DO NOT kink the beverage or air lines when moving kegs.

DO NOT knock the plastic connectors as they can be damaged.

DO NOT disconnect an empty keg until you have a new keg ready.

DO remove the plastic cap from the keg head before attaching. Pieces of the cap may break off - they MUST be removed.

DO check that the labels on the coupler, keg, and/or tubing to match and you are attaching the correct beverage.

DO NOT connect different beverages types across lines without contacting Sestra - lines are configured specifically for the beverage they are meant to pour.

DO contact Sestra Support if you wish to change beverages to ensure you are able to make the switch and update data.

DO keep coupler level and upright when changing a keg to avoid beverage leaks or excess air in the lines.

DO NOT turn coupler over, place it on its side, or place it on the floor or countertop.

DO NOT use excessive force when connecting or disconnecting the coupler. Pushing or turning too hard can damage the keg head and/or the equipment.

Compressors and Keg Changes: If you ever hear the compressor running without stopping after a few minutes, try re-tapping the keg. If it continues to run, please contact us immediately.

How to spot an empty keg: When a keg is empty, the line will stop pouring and you will see the buttons flash slowly, indicating the keg is empty. Plastic kegs will also feel very light when lifted.

Note: After a keg change, there will be a small amount of air in the line. You will see the air come out in a sputter after 3-5 normal pours. The amount in the pour may be slightly off.

Keg-Specific Instructions




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