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Push to Pour Button Behavior

Sestra's standard Push to Pour buttons use their LED lights to indicate a number of statuses.


                (1) Dark                        (2) Lit                     (3) Slowly Flashing      (4) Rapid Flashing

What it does

What it means

What you do

Button light(s) are LIT and not blinking

The station is unlocked and ready to pour.

Continue with pour.

One or more button light(s) are SLOWLY FLASHING

Typically, the keg is empty.

Where a Sestra Smart FOB is installed, it indicated the FOB has detected foam or air and sealed the line - most likely due to an empty keg.

If multiple lights are flashing, the station may be in Cleaning Mode. 

If keg is empty, replace it. For lines with a Smart FOB, bleed the Smart FOB.

If problem persists when keg is not empty and Smart FOB has been bled, contact Sestra Support.

Use Remote Station Manager to confirm the station is not in cleaning mode (that station will be highlighted in red if so).

Button light(s) are DARK - when a button is pressed, it flashes rapidly.

Station is locked or station is in Self-Serve mode.

Use Remote Station Manager to confirm what mode the station is in.

Button light(s) are DARK and do not respond when pressed

The station does not have power. 

Check that the station is plugged in and turned on. 

If a problem persists, contact Sestra Support.