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Sestra Smart FOBs

What is a Smart FOB it and how do I "bleed the FOB"?

What is a Sestra Smart FOB?

FOB stands for “Foam On Beer” and you may have seen the industry standard version on long draw systems before. The Sestra Smart FOB is another piece of our cloud-based solution that is designed to ensure a smooth pour and prevent waste.

When Sestra’s Smart FOBs detect foam or excess air in the line, they signal our Touchless Taps to keep the line sealed, preventing depressurization and additional foam.

Sestra’s Smart FOB also lets you know when your keg is empty or needs attention by flashing your Push to Pour button and sending an alert right to your phone or computer.


Smart FOB-Annotated

How to Bleed a Sestra Smart FOB:

  1. Locate the lever on the front of the FOB (It will normally be pointing down).
  2. Rotate the lever 180 degrees so it is pointing straight up.
  3. While that is up, push down the ventilation button at the top.
  4. Hold the button down for at least 10 seconds - until the beverage flows through the line, the chamber fills with liquid, and the float inside is at the top of the chamber.
  5. When that is done, rotate the lever 180 degrees again so it is pointing down.